About Us

A.H.D. LLC was established in 2017.
Our denomination (A.H.D.) is a acronym for Albanian Halal Distribution.
A.H.D. LLC operates in two areas:
– Halal goods distribution company,
– Event planning and executing company.
Our most important event is for sure the Albanian Halal Expo.

AHD in cooperation with Expo Group llc has already started the preparations for the fourth edition of Albanian Halal Expo, which will be held in Palace of Congresses, from March 1st to March 3rd, 2024.

Our focus is in general services toward Albanian Muslims, and, we are working very hard to bring everything that’s missing in the Albanian Muslim’s life.
Albanian Halal Expo is focused on Halal Industries like Halal Food. Halal Cosmetics, Halal Tourism, Halal Beverages, Halal Pharmaceutical, Halal Lifestyle, Muslim Education and much more.

Albanian Halal Expo will be the center of attraction for Muslim buyers, producers, exporters and also the for the industries associated in Halal Packaging and Halal Transportation.
Halal Expo helps you to understand more about halal market. More over meeting people face to face will help you to learn more about the exhibitors and their plans. You can even study about the different tied up with existing customers or make connection with the new dealers and distributors. It can also prove as cost-effective way to promote your new and existing product and services.

About Albania
Albanian population is about 2.850.000 habitants (census of 2015) and, not less than 65% belong
to the Islam Religion.
Referring to the demographic map, about 42% of Muslims are located in our capital city, Tirana
and in the villages around it.
It is very easy to start a new business in Albania, it costs you only 100 ALL (less than One Eur.) and not more than 30 minutes to register your new company at our One-Stop service points. (www.qkb.gov.al – National Centre of Businesses of Albania)
Albania is a fast-growing country, leaded by open-minded politicians every life sector in our country is growing fast and in a very friendly environment.
Albania benefits from extensive Free Trade Agreements with the EU; Central Europe (Though CEFTA); Europe (Through EFTA) and Turkey. If you are seeking to invest in Albania, these agreements will give you free access to over 600 million customers. Albania is also a member of World Trade Organization (WTO) and applies WTO rules to all import licensing.
Albania has a Favorable Tax System. -Albania’s corporate tax rate is only 15%; -The progressive personal tax is between 0% and 23%; Albania has a Double Taxation Treaties with over 30 countries.
A Global-Recommended Tourist Destination.  -Several International newspapers like New York Times, Former’s Travel Guide, etc. have placed Albania as Top Tourist Destination.
We’re different
Albanian Halal Expo is a different trade fair, we do have a different target from other common fairs, but for sure we are SIMILAR to any other fair, as we are open to all kind of visitors and guests.
By exhibiting at Albania Halal Expo, you get access to all Balkan Muslims, which can bring you more and more financial profits.