Albanian Muslim Business Forum Starts.

Notification! Dear Muslim brothers and sisters. With the permission of Allah Almighty, we have started building the Albanian Muslim business network under the name "Albanian Muslim Business Forum" The purpose of this group is to acquaint Muslim traders with each other and with the permission of Allah to increase and strengthen economic cooperation between each other. The first edition of the Albanian Muslim Business Forum, was held during the Albanian Halal Expo. Also, the second edition of the Forum will be held during the Albanian Halal Expo - Fourth edition, at the Palace of Congresses on March 2nd, 2024. The program will be announced 1 (one) week before the start of the event. The second edition will a seminar, B2B and matchmaking. We are working to gather investors from different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar who will come to invest in your projects. Once again good luck, and Allah gave us all success together. Organizers, Albanian Halal Expo Expo Group shpk